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Vee Technologies offers a wide range of Legal Secretarial services. We assist law firms on an "as-needed" basis, reducing the clients' financial burden.
29-Jun-2022, 01:57 PM
A Law cost draftsman is an expert in legal costs in a case. They can advise and conduct costs proceedings called detailed assessments of costs, governed by the statute in different countries.
28-Jun-2022, 05:06 PM
World Human Rights Federation (WHRF) is an international organization of individuals and organizations working for protection and promotion of human rights. It works with human right activists/defende...
28-Jun-2022, 12:08 PM
Patent opposition can be done before the patent is granted by filing pre-grant opposition by representation and also after the grant of the patent within year by filing post grant opposition. Global J...
27-Jun-2022, 03:45 PM
Company registration is an important process for a proprietor to build a business. Registering a company is effortless through Online Legal India, as it is processed completely online. Global Jurix ha...
27-Jun-2022, 03:30 PM
An eating house licence is a legal authorization to operate a business where any type of food or drink is provided for legal consumption. Along with other fundamental licences, the Eating house licenc...
27-Jun-2022, 03:24 PM
The Law Office of Suma Rao is a Toronto-based immigration law office. we are offering Temporary Resident For Canada with valid qualifications and credentials for visa seekers seeking entry into Canada...
27-Jun-2022, 07:12 AM
Lawyer for cheque bounce case, 138 NI Act
25-Jun-2022, 03:05 PM