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Pradeep Narayan Madgaonkar is Web Series Lover
My name is Pradeep Narayan Madgaonkar from Pune. I am a huge TV buff and now i am moved towards web series and hooked onto it. I love to watch web series and write reviews about the series i watch. I see a massive growth lately in web based series and companies moving to the new form of entertainment. Entertainment industry is on an impressive growth path. The industry is expected to grow at a much faster rate than the global average rate. Growth is expected in retail advertisement, on the back of factors such as several players entering Web series development and production industry. Some of the most popular series have made millions of dollars in earnings and continue to keep making money through the online telecast even today. This is the age of new cinema, the age of change, the age on INTERNET.
13-Feb-2023, 11:29 AM