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Pradeep Narayan Madgaonkar is Artist
Hello My name is Pradeep Narayan Madgaonkar. I work for Make My Holiday tours, we have packages for all India travel booking. India has a beautiful culture, which astonishes tourists from other parts of the world. It is not just because the culture is several thousands of years old. It is beautiful because of its ability to be secular and at the same time stick to the essence of each cultural group. India’s unique culture has led to several celebrations, traditions, and customs. Most of these customs have been rooted in texts and scriptures, which are older than science and have been scientifically proved to be advantageous for mental and physical health. O welcome anyone, the locals do Namaste. It is translated as ‘I bow to you’. This is the basis of almost all traditions in the country. This code of conduct represents the way children are taught to have empathy over others and also to develop them to become a better person. Atithi Devo Bhavah can be translated as ‘Guest is God’.
13-Feb-2023, 11:40 AM