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Industrial and Technical Furniture | Pyrotech Workspace
Pyrotech Workspace Solutions provides Technical Furniture. PWS offers a technical furniture line that creates an environment that supports the operator to the fullest. We feel that controllers should have a workspace that allows them to complete their tasks without becoming weary. We provide answers to your control room's important issues to ensure a comfortable working environment for the operator. Our technical furniture provides consumers with a lot of versatility, so you won't have to compromise on your performance. Technical Furniture has a lot of behind the screens work which cannot be shown in front. It provides much space and safe connection lines that pass information continuously. PWS provides an ergonomic control experience in the control room and gives you great comfort for your body postures. We also provide reliable space for important devices like desktops, keyboards, control keys, and a slot for apparatuses that are meant to be handover in shift change the operator. Call us for more information: 18008896997
30-May-2022, 05:59 PM