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FMS SKIN - Best Laser Skin Whitening Treatment In Hyderabad
FMS SKIN - Best Laser Skin Whitening Treatment In Hyderabad EVERY WOMEN HAS DESIRE FOR A PERFECT COMPLEXION AND A FLAWLESS SKIN. Skin whitening also know as Skin lighting and Skin bleaching , is a process of using chemical substances and lasers to provide an even Skin tone and texture . This process will help in complexion by decreasing the Melanin concentration of your Skin . Our Skin has Melanocytes which produce pigment called Melanin . Melanocytes present in our skin determines the colour , apart from giving colour to the skin Melanin also protects the skin from harsh UV-rays. The more our skin is exposed to Sun-rays , more Melanin is produced by the Melanocytes. Accumulation of excess Melanin leads to tanning , pigmentation , dark spots , freckles and uneven skin tone Best skin whitening treatment In Hyderabad @FMS Skin whitening treatment helps in reducing excessive Melanin content . Other factors such as hormonal changes and harsh chemicals can also cause pigmentation and dark patches. Skin lighting treatments can help in minimising excess Melanin , sun damage , pigmentations , etc TREATMENTS Chemical peels Lasers Glutathione Glutathione helps in improving the skin colour . Glutathione is a high potential antioxidant which helps in improving immunity and also in detoxification Glutathione also reverses aging sings and sun tan.
08-Oct-2021, 02:32 PM