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Find out what's inside a movie Gaia 2021
If by chance Ben Wheatley’s “In the Earth,” a contagion eco-horror film that’s trippy to the point of incomprehensibility, left you dissatisfied and slighted, consider revisiting the niche with Jaco Bouwer’s “Gaia.” Bouwer indulges in uncertainty, too, but unlike Wheatley, he never confuses obscurity with profundity or meaning, which is a fancypants way of saying that “Gaia” allows itself to have fun and make a statement without talking over its audience’s head. The film runs on vibes but operates like a monster movie via the presence of gross fungal beasts borrowed from the same playbook as “The Last of Us,” capped with a rampant paranoia about who, in fact, the true monsters are.
26-Jun-2021, 07:11 PM