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China Energy Storage Battery
As modern buildings and communities become taller and taller, elevators have become an indispensable part of people's daily life and work. However, a power outage in an elevator is a very troublesome and dangerous thing. In order to ensure the normal operation of the elevator during a power outage, backup batteries have become a very necessary and practical product. According to the frequency of use and power consumption of the elevator, we have developed a high-quality elevator backup lithium battery, which uses high-efficiency energy storage technology, effectively saves energy and prolongs the backup time of the elevator. Parameter Model204.8V 50Ah204.8V 100Ah204.8V 200Ah384V 50Ah384V 100Ah384V 200Ah Rated capacity (Ah)5010020050100200 Rated voltage (V)204.8204.8204.8384384384 System capacity??WH??/p> 10.2420.4840.9619.238.476.8 Discharge current (A)0-500-1000-2000-500-1000-200 Operating voltage range????/p> 160??33.6160??33.6160??33.6300??38300??38300??38 Product size????/p> 151927273524+27 Weight(KG)110210380180370660 level of protectionIP40IP40IP40IP40IP40IP40 Charge temperatureO"C~60"CO"C~60"CO"C~60"CO"C~60"CO"C~60"CO"C~60"C Discharge temperature-20"C~60"C-20"C~60"C-20"C~60"C-20"C~60"C-20"C~60"C-20"C~60"C Battery Cycling Life>2000 Cycles>2000 Cycles>2000 Cycles>2000 Cycles>2000 Cycles>2000 Cycles CertificationMSDS,UN38.3,CE,ISO9001,CB,UL Communication modeCAN/RS232/RS485 Sample OEM/ODMCustomization is acceptable Because every elevator is different, with varying numbers of floors, sizes, speeds, etc., most elevator battery backup systems are custom built to each elevator's unique load requirements. Product advantages This elevator backup power uses high-quality batteries and battery packs, which can avoid dangers such as short circuit, overcharge and overdischarge, and effectively guarantee the safety of elevators and personnel. With a battery backup system, your elevator will have uninterrupted power and the ability to go up and down for 30 to 40 cycles in the event of a main power outage. Firm and compact structure, less maintenance, low maintenance cost. It has a wide range of applications and can be used in different environments. Wide range of applications This elevator backup power is a power supply product with high quality, high safety, high reliability and high adjustability. It is not only suitable for elevator backup, but also suitable for other similar emergency occasions. DAW Power Technology Co., Ltd specializes in the production of polymer lithium batteries, large single battery packs, etc., and can customize combined batteries of various voltages and capacities according to customer requirements, which can be used as supporting power supplies for major enterprises. China Energy Storage Battery website:
03-Jun-2023, 12:34 PM