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buy Well Accessaries CASING Centralizer casing centralizer is an essential auxiliary tools in the process of running casing of gas and oil explore, it pales an important role for cementing quality, ensure the safety production, and prolong the life of well. Features: spring centralizer semi-rigid centralizer rigid centralizer roller centralizer composite centralizer hydraulic centralizer SPRING CENTRALIZER Hinged bow spring centralizer is a traditional processed and economic centralizer, this king of centralizer is used in general vertical or slightly deviated wells. In the past, this kind of bow spring centralizer is with the highest restoring force and the lowest starting force, so they are wildly used in the drilling or cementing job, but spring centralizer, it is simple way to increase the restoring force according to bow height. SINGLE PIECE CENTRALIZER API single piece centralizer performs satisfactorily in open hole as well as cased hole. These high quality product, developed to meet and exceed API 10D specifications for using in highly demanding down hole conditions. Single piece centralizer combines the highest restoring force with zero start force and zero running force. The single piece centralizer is used to position the casing in the center of the well bore in vertical deviated and horizontal wells. The single piece centralizers are available in size 4 1/2'' to 20''. Any special sizes or combination can be available on requirement TURBULENT SPRING CENTRALIZER With the advantages of spring centralizer the spinning disk on the centralizer string can work closely with casing to form a whirl channel to improve the efficency of cement slurry displacement OFFSET BOW SPRING CENTRALIZER The offset bow is a robust, ultra-high-strength, one- piece construction bow spring centralizer with no weak points, such as hinges or mechanical interlocks and with the flexibility to absorb both axial and radial loading. The offset bow UROS shows significant reduction on initial insertion forces as well as substantial reduced running forces through the previous set casing. Once through this compressed stage the unit will revert to gauge, maximizing stand-off with zero drag. SOLID RIGID CENTRALIZER Spring vane steel solid rigid centralizer are developed to meet the need for better cementing in high deviated and horizontal well. Spring vane steel solid rigid centralizers are designed to provide optimum flow area. The 360 degrees overlapping solid vane provides maximum wall contact and fluid swirl. Reduced flow area between the spiral blades produces a vortex motion of the fluids for more fluid velocity with direction. The 30-degree slope of the vane end reduces drag and aids the casing in reaching TD. ROLLER CENTRALIZER Roller centralizer are mainly used for big high Roller, high deviated wells and horizontal wells, to centre casings. Roller centralizers can also remove well bore cake and improve mud replacement efficiency etc. Roller centralizer provide superior wear resistance and have been proven to remain functional throughout the life of the well and can aid in casing/tubing retrieval. Roller centralizer are available in sizes 4 1/2’’ to 20’’. Any special sizes are available on request. COMPOSITE CENTRALIZER The composite centralizer is used during running and cementing operations to centralizer casing. Made of advanced composite, the one-piece centralizer has a low coefficient of friction, it is heat resistan which is highly durable and greatly enhances cementing operations. PRESET FORCE CENTRALIZER With the advantages of rigid and seml-rigid centralizer, suitable for irregular well bore. The centralizer strip can deformed when passing through the necking down string, it easy to let casing go through. The force of centralizer strip can preset according to the requirement of clientbuy Well Accessaries website:
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