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Air Bubble Film Machine, Stretch Film Machine, etc. Manufacturer
Zhejiang WE WELL Machinery CO., Ltd. was established in 1992, The environment is elegant, complete facilities, more convenient for our company to new and old customers, partners to provide quality services. main products: Bubble Film Machine, Air Cushion Film Machine, Bubble Film Bag Making Machine, Winding Film Machine, Winding Film Rewinding Machine, Tearing Film Machine, Fresh Film Rewinding Machine, High and Low-Pressure Film Blowing Machine, Polypropylene Film Blowing Machine, Bag Making Machine, Color Printing Machine, Cutter and Various Plastic Machinery. The company set Product Design, Research and Development, Manufacturing, Sales, and Service as one of the conscientious, truly for Domestic and Foreign Customers to provide High Quality, Low Energy Consumption, Highly Competitive Market Advanced Equipment. Since its establishment, the company has formed a responsible, honest, and dedicated team composed of Mechanical Hardware Designers, Senior Automation Software Engineers, Technical Testing Engineers, Professional Marketing Personnel, After-Sales Technical Service Professionals, Etc. Excellent quality and good After-Sales Service System, by Domestic and Foreign colleagues trust and welcome.
23-Sep-2022, 07:16 AM